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"Large World Class Record" Alaskan - Canadian - Yukon and Shiras Moose Taxidermy Mounts will always increase in value over time. From the World’s Leading Outfitter in Taxidermy Mounts and Animal Heads, this amazing collection of Moose Head Wall Mounts and Trophy Antlers only increase in value over time. 
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Our Trophy Animal Heads and Alaskan, Yukon, Canadian, and Shiras Moose Heads represent a smart investment that adds classic style to any rustic-themed space. For the serious collector of high quality Trophy Animal Heads, this selection cannot be beat.
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Tanned Moose Hides and Animal Skin Rugs - Shipping Nationwide!
 Average Size: 7x6'  Professionally Tanned
Call Today 1-800-948-4023. We offer the largest selection in Taxidermy and Wildlife Mounts Online! From "World Class Trophies" from North America to "African Game Trophies" abroad! Trophy Taxidermy Animal Mounts For Sale Collections are one of the largest investments that our clients own. The trophy collection should be documented to protect the assets of this collection.